Australian Free-to-Air TV Guide Licensing

IceTV cureates a comprehensive, electronic program guide (EPG) for Australian free-to-air TV. Our data management software applies a detailed arrangement of metadata, providing clients with high quality EPG feeds.

IceTV EPG is accessed by more than 100,000 Australians through our Apps, websites, personal video recorder (PVR) manufacturers and consumer electronics companies.

The IceTV sophisticated guide auditing system passes through a two-stage verification process. The first check is done through our content engine software, while our dedicated content management team conducts the second stage audit.

As TV programming changes occur throughout the day, updates occur in real-time to our servers, providing users with a reliable and accurate service.

IceTV Guide Feed Options

IceTV’s EPG feed contains all key metadata in order to provide the end-user with the best possible experience:

Our Premium EPG feed can supply program images, recommendations and Reviews.

IceTV Guide Feed Options

IceTV’s EPG feed covers all regions around Australia:

Our Smart recording facility feed allows users to click on the EPG and record to their device. Smart Recording is available via SDK (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and in C Code) or deeply integrated into apps for smartphone/tablet. Our apps are available as "white labels" and provide an immersive user experience for discovering what's on FTA television (Keywords, Coming Up, Favourites, Recommendations, etc).

To find out more information about EPG & Smart Recording licensing, please contact us.